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Edward Swingler

Director | Screenwriter


Best Action - One Chumpion - Los Angeles International Film Festival - Director

Years of Experience

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Los Angeles, CA


Effingham, IL

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Edward has been working in the entertainment business for 10 years. He entered in the industry after winning dancer of the year in 2012 at the International Presentation of Performers which took place in Beverly Hills, California. Immediately after he was signed by 323 Talent Management and Legendworks Talent and began his career in Hollywood. 

Throughout those early years he took an interest in production roles such as cinematography, lighting, screenwriting, and editing. He became a reader for literary agents and for Final Draft. This allowed him to sell his 1st screenplay in 2014 titled "Forbidden Trade" and finish 4 other feature film scripts. 

Ben Garant, Edward and Tom Lennon at the Final Draft Big Break Awards
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Pauley and Edward at the Taurus Awards

Gathering all these experiences led Edward on the path to becoming a director.

"Over the years I've accumulated such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to film production that it just felt natural to move to the director role since I'm familiar with nearly every part of the process." - Edward

Edward is currently in pre-production of his feature film "30 Days" which will begin filming in 2022. Now that he has a nomination under his belt he is hoping to take home the gold with his psychological thriller. 

"If everyone believed in themselves as much as they did in their limitations, imagine what they could accomplish." -Edward

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